Our Mission Statement

Inspiring a Fighting Spirit


Wonband Vision

To inspire and empower people who are fighting against sickness, injury, personal loss, or any other battles they need to overcome.  

Who Are We

Wonband is a non profit organization run by an 8th grade students in an entrepreneurship class at Lisle Junior High School.  This elective class is offered every semester to a new group 8th graders. Class by class, young entrepreneurs have worked to create and improve the Wonband brand. 


Where We Started

Wonband was founded in 2017 by three Lisle CUSD #202 CTE department teachers and 8th grade students who were looking for a class that was dedicated to helping those in need.  The 8th graders of 2018 were looking to expand on the Wonband product design. They were also responsible for finding our first fighter, Wally. Those students paved the way for Wonband and their work will not be forgotten. The class of 2019 is perfecting the vision of the brand and running the website so Wonband can start selling  products and reaching out to Fighters around the world.  

Our Goal

 Our goal is to help families in need of hope and inspiration. We want to use our Fighter Packs to spread a fighting spirit.  We are looking to bond together individuals to fight alongside a loved one in need. We are looking to foster a community of loving family members and friends in pursuit of victory over illness, injury, or personal loss. 

Our Future

Wonband has come very far these first few years, and we are not done yet.  Our students plan to partner with more companies that encompass the message we would like to spread. Wonband is expanding and looking to offer new products with a variety of Wonband styles in the coming months. Most importantly, we wish to find and send out Fighter Packs to help more and more fighters in the following years to come.

Buy a Fighter Pack

Purchase a Wonband Fighter Pack for a loved one in need! Fighter Packs unite family members and friends, granting them hope, strength, and encouragement throughout their battle. As a Guardian or Squad member, you will provide the fighter with inspiration, support, and love UNTIL THE FIGHT IS WON.

Donate a Fighter Pack

Are you interested in helping others in need? Donating a Fighter Pack is the perfect way to do so. Donating a Fighter Pack means you will provide a box that Wonband will assign and send out to one of our targeted Fighters. When at checkout, after generously donating, write a personalized message and it will be sent inside your Fighter Pack to your Fighter and their family. Our goal is to create a global connection through the delivery of Fighter Packs, and we would love if you joined us in the journey to create this community.